Chef’s Seasonal Dinner

Savor chef’s seasonal dinner at spruce farm & fish spotlighting springtime delicacies prepared by our executive chef, john payne. this irresistible meal can be enhanced with a perfectly paired flight of 5 wines. explore the flavors of spring and savor fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and fisheries.

Each course in this dinner series reflects the flavors of the season and features ingredients sourced from the Rocky Mountain Region.

Chef John Payne, who has worked in several James Beard award-winning restaurants in the Pacific Northwest and San Francisco, will join the dinners at each course to explain the origins and intent of each dish.

Chef’s seasonal dinner spring menu


Shigoku Oyster with Pomegranate Granita

First Course

Nettle Soup topped with Smoked Scallop Quenelle

Second Course

Herb Papardelle, Morels, Fava Beans and Aged Asiago

Third Course

Grilled Halibut Cheeks on Beluga lentils with Quinoa Stuffed Savoy Cabbage and Charred Lemon Butter Sauce

Fourth Course

Lamb Ribs with Bread and Butter Pickled Green Tomatoes and Sweet Potato Salad


Haystack “Cashmere” Cheese Blintzes with Huckleberry Sauce

*Wine pairings available for purchase the night of the event.